Maggie !!


Hi. I'm Maggie. I'm mostly an Australian Cattle Dog with some terrier from my uncertain past. I know many tricks and love riding in convertibles.

I have two new puppies. We all know they're really a kitties, but I'm training them to herd, and they like to play dog games like tug-o-war and shake the dolly. They even enjoy dog food and a fine Milk Bone after dinner. They'll both grow up to be fearless cats!

My old Internet site (Maggie's Guide to the Internet) was a k-12 educational resource for many school districts. It first went live way back in 1994 (ancient in Internet years), back when the Internet was part of the National Science Foundation. It taught many students and probably more teachers to use the Internet in the classroom. It was written up in the September 1996 issue of Internet World magazine, was featured on CNN and named an Educational Resource by the University of North Carolina (Virtual Schoolhouse), the University of Illinois, School of Education and the US Department of Education (ERIC). It was receiving over 30,000 hits per month. We took it down in 1998, but I'm the same Maggie (maybe a lot older and wiser).

My favorite Internet Site is the Australian Cattle Dog Social Club of North Queensland in Australia.

May your face be to the wind,
and your tail to the sky


Maggie's Photo Album


Here I am disguised as a Russian peasant.
My 1998 Christmas picture.

Dad at the computer.
Me and dad.

Joy at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio
Foundation in Oak Park, Illinois.
I'm ready for a ride!

Me and my flamingo herd.
Caroline Knapp and Lucille.
(Great Picture, eh?)

Christmas 1999. Making Christmas dog bones.
Dad with another dog in Santa Fe - even an ACD.

Flying in the car. I do like convertables!
Dad in Texas.

Dad with Fatman and Little Boy at Los Alamos.
The Very Large Array in New Mexico.

Happy memories.
My first Puppy - Murphy.

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