Blog Software

Thesis Themes (Thesis themes for WordPress)
Thesis Tutorial (From Berchman)
WordPress (Start a BLOG with the #1 Blog software package)
WordPress Lessons (Tutorials covering all aspects of WordPress)
WordPress Tutorial
WordPress Video Tutorial

Discount Software

NothingButSoftware (Lots of software at a reasonable price)
Retro Software (Buy the previous version of software at significant savings)
RoyalDiscount (More software at great prices)
Software Media (More software at discount prices. Great prices on Adobe products.)
Web Community Software (Another source for legitimate software at a discount price)

Disk Tools

Diskeeper (Defragment a drive when Windows can't)
PCinspector (Recovers data from a failed device)
Ranish (A free partition manager)
Restore (Restores deleted files after the recycle bin has been emptied)
Simpli Software (Many good HDD and CD/DVD diagnostic programs)
Undelete Plus (Another recovery program for lost data or failing discs)


File Types (A listing of Windows file extensions)
Mozilla Configuration (More than you ever wanted to know)
MozillaZine (Mozilla technical information)

DOS Tools

4DOS (The missing DOS programs)
Boot Disk (DOS and Windows boot disks)
DOS Only (DOS tools and applets)
DOS Tools (Tools and utilities for DOS)


1001 Fonts (Download fonts here - many free, some fee)
Better Fonts (Thousands of true type fonts)
DAfont (More true type fonts - free and fee)
Font Finder (A collection of about 50,000 fonts in England - many free)
Movie and TV Show Fonts (Unique free fonts from the movies)
What Font (Submit a font for identification)


Irfanview (A free graphics editor - be sure to get the PlugIns)
My Album (Free photo album software)
Photo Story 3 (A digital picture slide show program from Microsoft)
Photosynth (Microsoft's online photo synthesizer)
PicLens (Resize pictures from selected sources to fullscreen)
Picasa (A program from Google that finds every picture on your computer)
Pixlr (Online image/photo editing software)
Image Recovery (Recover digital images from zapped media)
Resizr (Resize pictures online)
Shutterfly (Create calendars, cards and gifts with your digital photos)
SmartMorph (Merges one image into another)
Studioline Photo Manager (Organize your photos and add comments)
Ultimate Paint (Replace Microsoft Paint with this full function graphics program.)


IPS (Internet Protocol Standards)
Internet Storm Center (Internet security and new threat alerts)
IPv6 (Going from IPv4 to IPv6 - you can do it now with a tunnel)
Mlab (A joint project of European Universities with many network test tools)
NetPreserve (Internet archiving software)
Open DNS (Speeds up the Internet and eliminates phishing)
RealVNC (That's a Virtual Network Connection using the Internet)
RFC's (All the Internet RFC's are here)
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

Miscellaneous Programs

Advanced Diary (A diary program with a simple word processor and digital pictures)
AOL on Outlook (Microsoft's instructions on configuring Outlook Express for AOL mail)
Atomic Clock Sync (Synchronize your computer's clock to an atomic clock)
Audacity (A free cross platform audio editor)
Blist (A database for the rest of us)
Calculator Plus (Replace your XP calculator with this freebee from Microsoft)
Carbonite (The Internet backup service - only $50/year)
Color Folders (If you're tired of yellow folders, add color)
ConvertIt (Convert filetypes here)
Delico (A Firefox social bookmark manager)
Dliveo (A unique way to deliver very large files) (Create a drop box for files)
DVD Toolbox (A file is a file)
Eudora (One of the best email clients and now free. Runs on Windows/Mac)
Google Ads (Change your preferences or opt out completely)
Google Docs (Software is moving to the Internet - a free WP and spreadsheet)
Google Pack (Get your collection of free Google software)
Jing (Captures the desktop - even video)
Launchy (If you prefer the keyboard to a mouse, this is for you)
Microsoft Store (The high price leader for everything Microsoft)
MoffSoft FreeCalc (An improved calculator for Windows)
NCH Software (All kinds of free and fee software for computers and phones)
nero (The best CD/DVD burning program for $50-$80)
Notepad++ (A greatly improved version of the Windows tool)
Old Version (Sometimes better than the new one)
Open Talk (Free voice and video conferencing)
PC Decrapifier (Get rid of all the annoying advertisements that come on a new PC)
Peter's Online Typing Course (Learn how to type here)
Photostage (Photo display and slideshow software)
Picreflect (Improve digital pictures by adding a reflection)
Postica (Attach sticky notes to a web site and share with friends)
Pure Networks (Easily set up a home network with Network Magic Essentials)
Rapid Typing Tutor (If you didn't like Peter's try this one)
ResizeEnable (Turns usually non-re sizeable windows into re sizeable windows)
Skype (Make VoIP telephone calls for free - all you need is a microphone)
Thunderbird (The Mozilla email client. Written in Java so it runs on anything)
USB Ejector (A utility to quickly remove USB devices)
WeatherBug (Posibly the best weather program for your browser)
Web Accelerator (From Google - designed for broadband)
WordPress (Create your own free BLOG here)
Yahoo Mobile (Get Yahoo on any cell phone)

Miscellaneous Tools

DVD Shrink (Resize video objects with this free tool)
Emacs (The free GNU open source text editor)
Jazz++ (A free MIDI sequencer from SourceForge)
NCH Audio Editors (An Australian provider of audio tools)
Notepad++ (A 32 bit enhanced function Notepad for Windows)
Raw Viewer (Microsoft's free RAW image viewer and thumbnailer for XP)
ShellRun (A little free utility to make Auto Run CD's and DVD's a little easier on all Windows)
SmartSoft Converter (A $70 program that converts PDF's to DOC's)
Synergy (A software KVM switch from Sourceforge)
WINAMP (The Windows audio and video program)

Network Tools

Cypherix (Strong encryption software)
DirectUpdate (Give your computer a DNS name even with a dynamic IP address)
FileZilla (A great FTP server and client from Sourceforge)
GeekTools (A collection network administrator tools)
Hosts file (Blocking unwanted parasites with a Hosts file)
IntelliAdmin (Tools and fixes for network administrators)
Network Magic (A great network management tool especially wireless - see all connections)
Network Sorcery (Everything you wanted to know and more about computer networks)
Orb (Network television - that is, send TV over your network)
Security Freeware (Programs to probe security from Gibson Research)
ShowMe Cables (Custom Ethernet cables - any length, any color)
Sygate (One of the better software firewalls)
WNTIPCFG (A GUI version of IPCONFIG for Windows)


CodeWeavers (An OpenSource code repository)
DistroWatch (Keep track of all the distributions of Linux/Unix)
JetJar (Free Java, Symbian, Palm, Pocket PC software)
Kbuntu (The K-Shell version of Ubuntu)
Linux Journal (The magazine of the Linux community)
MAC Freeware (Freeware for MAC OS X)
On Disk (Obtain non-Windows OS's on a CD)
OSdisc (Obtain inexpensive copies of Linux/Unix OS's)
SourceForge (Open Source code for Windows and Linux programs)
Ubuntu (Free server and desktop software)
WineDoors (Run Windows programs under the Gnome desktop)

Office Tools

Adobe Trials (Download 30 day evaluation versions of Adobe products)
ASAP Utilities (Over 300 tools for Microsoft Excel users)
Avery (Get the free software to print Avery labels)
Clipart (The Microsoft clipart library - make your own cards, signs, etc.)
Excel at Excel (An excellent Excel tutorial from USD)
FreeCalc (A replacement for the Windows calculator)
IBM/Lotus Symphony (The Symphony Office Suite free from IBM)
Jott (Jott it down here)
Microsoft Office Download Center (Get free add-ins for MS office)
Num Sum (Need an occasional spreadsheet??)
Open Office (Same function as Microsoft Office but free.)
PDF Creator (A configurable PDF creator from Sourceforge)
PDF Pad (Standard forms in PDF - calendars, flags, etc.)
PDFtextOnLine (Extract text from a PDF file in your browser)
PDFview (Allows you to edit and change a PDF document - try it free for 6 months)
Preezo (Create "Powerpoint like" presentations on the web)
PrimoPDF (A free and simple Acrobat PDF creator)
PST Backup Tool (From Microsoft. If you know what's in a .pst, you know it needs backing up)
Scribus (A free desktop publishing program from Sourceforge)
SunBird (The calendar project from Mozilla)
Think Free (A free on-line Office Suite )
ZOHOwriter (On-line word processor. Link rather than cite)


Free Byte (Free programming tools/Libs/Editors)
Free Country Tools (Open source programming tools)
JavaScript Source (A collection of Java Script applets)
Lookup Tables (A collection computer tables)
Programmer's Paradise (Programming tools, editors, and compilers)


Free Software (100's of free software programs. Lots of fun stuff.)
Freeware (Freeware from the Cocos Islands)
No Nonsense Software (Fee and free utilities for Windows)
SimTel Software Library (Another software download library)
TUcows (One of the biggest software download library)
ZD Net (Downloads from Ziff Davis)


AVG (A free for home use anti virus program better than McAfee or Norton)
Hashapass (A Javascript secure password generator program)
IE Privacy Keeper (Clean IE cookies, history, archives)
KeyPass (Keep your passwords secure with this freebee from Sourceforge)
Lockbox (Secure files with this free utility)
Magic Keyfinder (Lost your Windows or Office product key? Recover it here.)
MailWasher (One of the better Spam eliminators for $37 - free trial)
Malicious Software Removal Tool (from Microsoft - for Windows 2000, XP & 2003 ONLY)
Password Calculator (How secure are your passwords to a brute force attack?)
Password Meter (How secure are your passwords and how to make them stronger)
SpamBayes (Eliminate spam with this tool from SourceForge)
SpyBot (Remove advertising spyware from your system)
Spam Proof email (Generate a spam proof email address)
Spyware Terminator (A new, free, spyware program from the UK)
Stinger (From McAfee - the virus removal tool)
TrueCrypt (Free Open Source encryption software)
Zone Alarm (A great firewall for broadband users)

System Tools

Belarc Advisor (Builds a profile of your computer so you can answer any technical questions)
DLL Dump (An archive of Dynamic Link Libraries)
Eraser (Permanently erase files on a hard drive)
Fresh Devices (4 free tools: Download, Diagnose, View and UI)
GoBack (Restore your system to an earlier time)
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Windows XP Downloads
My Uninstaller (Alternative to the Windows uninstall utility)
PCmover (A $50 product that moves programs from PC to PC)
Pitaschio (A program to customize Windows to look and work as you want)
Restore Desktop (Saves and restores your desktop after a monitor resolution change)
Startup (Adds an icon to the control panel showing all programs called at startup)
Sysinfo (What does that program do and is it really necessary?)
Tweak (a free download from Microsoft that provides complete control of the Windows Desktop)
Uninstaller (A free tool to remove all traces of a program)
USB Flash Manager (A free download from Microsoft to manage flash drives)
Version Tracker (Keep track of the software version you are running)
Windows Power Toys for XP (Windows XP tools from Microsoft)
Windows Memory Diagnostic (Online crash analysis from Microsoft)
Winzip (to zip and unzip files)
World Time (The ultimate clock program)
Xecutor (Run programs on startup, execution or shutdown)
Zert (Provides updates for old, unsupported versions of Windows)


Adobe Acrobat Reader (get the free PDF reader here - a must for government sites)
Chrome (The web browser from Google)
Excel Viewer (View an Excel Spreadsheet without Excel)
Flash Player (Download a free Flash player or Shockwave player from Adobe)
Mozilla Firefox (The most secure browser available with a built in pop-up blocker.)
Mozilla Firefox Extensions (Get Firefox browser extensions here)
Mozilla Projects (Additional applications from Mozilla)
Powerpoint Viewer (View a PowerPoint presentation without PowerPoint)
Quicktime (Get the free Quicktime audio/video player here)
Word Viewer (View a Microsoft Word document without Word)

Windows Tools

Boot Disk (A full set of Windows boot disks plus many DOS boot disks)
DLL Files (A collection of DLL files for Windows) (Microsoft's MVP program - links to tips,programs and experts)
Process Library (Is that unknown program a virus or part of Windows?)
Silent Runners (A Windows Registry display tool)
SourceForge (Open Source code for Windows and Linux programs)
Tested Products (Catalog of tested products for Windows Server)
WNTIPCFG (A Windows version of IPCONFIG from Microsoft)

Windows Secrets (Everything Microsoft didn't mention)

Web Page Authoring

40Tude (A super web site editor for only $35)
Adobe Labs (Get the latest technology beta's from Adobe)
Colors (Kuler on color groups)
Copyscape (Search for other sites who have plagiarized your site)
CyberSpyder (Spyders a web site to validate links - around $40)
DHTML Menu Creator (A super tool to create Java Script web navigation menus)
FindSounds (Search the web for the right sound)
Joomla (One of the better BLOG programs)
HTML Goodies (A site devoted to HTML tools - many free)
HTML Validator (A free HTML validator and syntax checker)
GIMP (An OpenSource professional image editor)
Irfanview (The free graphics program)
Lunacore (A free Adobe Photoshop tutorial) (Video courses on web authoring for $25/mo)
MapEdit (Create image maps)
Nvu (A free web authoring system for Windows, the Mac and Linux)
NYPL Digital Gallery (Over 363,000 free images from the New York Public Library)
Pixie (A handy little tool - gives the color code of any pixel)
Stock Photographs (Free photos for your web site - no copyright fees)
TopStyle (Create Cascading Style Sheets for your web pages)
Ultimate Paint (Replace Microsoft Paint with this full function graphics program)
Web Design from Scratch (A full course in designing web sites)
Web Design Library (The basics of artistic design for web sites)
YotoPhoto (Find the right picture for your web site here)

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